Alec G. Moore



VUME: The Voluntary-Use Methodology for Evaluations

In an attempt to better understand how controlled research results impact actual voluntary use of 3D user interfaces (3D Uls), we developed a new evaluation approach. Using this approach, we conducted two studies evaluating two head-mounted displays (HMDs) - a Sensics zSight and an Oculus Rift Development Kit 1 (DK1). The results of the first study indicate that the DK1 affords significantly better user performances. In the second study, we used a between-subjects design to determine if participants would voluntarily explore and interact with a virtual environment more with the DK1 than the zSight. We did not find a significant difference between the two HMDs, but statistically proved that the HMDs were equivalent. This indicates that results found in controlled evaluations do not always play a significant role in the voluntary use of a 3D UI.

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